The Year Ahead

This year, will mark my fourth year in business. Just like having children, it is the same for a business. The days are long but the years are short. 

Every year that the anniversary creeps up on me, I like to reflect on the year that was and how far along this journey I have come. Each year has brought with it momentous occasions, achievements and also hardships. 

KCD was established in February 2015. My eldest was then 18 months and my slight obsession with her wardrobe had commenced. I was fixated on handmade and the world of Instagram was erupting around me. It was a comment my husband made that stirred the creative flair in me. 'Why don't you sew the clothes for Khloe?' That is when KCD commenced.

The early years at KCD

  • 2015: KCD was established. Instagram was an amazing business tool for growth.
  • 2016: Arrival of my second daughter. Business growth was beyond sewing capacity of just myself. I released my first manufactured designer line.
  • 2017: Business growth steadied with the introduction of the algorithm on Instagram. My designer line's popularity was continuing however; along with my collections on offer. I fell pregnant with my third child and made the decision to cease KCD.
  • 2018: We found out our third child was another darling daughter. I missed my creative release and made changes in order to return designing. Finding the balance between family and work life was essential.

Which brings me to the year ahead: 2019. A year where I have set goals for my business, for myself, for my family and I have chosen a word to help me during this year. That word is: productive. I want to replace the term we get so caught up using 'busy' with productive. I believe using 'busy' is an excuse, a cop out, or reasoning as to why we didn't achieve something.

This year, KCD has had a facelift. A freshen up. To align with the changes I want to bring to my label. Slowly my new logo will be filtered throughout all our marketing material. I will also introduce our little 'Beau's' logo. An exciting time ahead in 2019, with the debut of our boy's wear. 

Our collections continued to grow, along with our family. 2019 we will extend to boy's wear.

In 2019, I also want to focus on giving back. Giving back to the community and to my customers. I will aim to create ways to reward certain customers in different ways. I don't want to reveal too much just yet, as I am still working towards the first of these incentives.

As a Mum in business, I also try to support other Mums on this business bandwagon. In 2019, I hope to work alongside new businesses and continue to support those I have previously. I want to collaborate with new faces, new businesses and support growth in the wider MumBiz community.

I want to connect with my customers on a new level. A blogging level. So that in a years time, it doesn't matter whether a customer is new to KCD or a long term follower, both are welcome to come here and learn more and reflect on my label's journey.

What I am most excited about for KCD in 2019 is visiting my manufacturer. Designing in house. Choosing fabric in person from the fabric markets. Continuing to raise the standard of quality amongst my pieces. Through all this, I will take you and share this journey. My label is only as strong as the Mums/customers I have supporting me. To me, having you on this journey and sharing in your child's life, your every day life, is exactly why I started and persevere.

I hope you are excited for this new year. I hope you have set yourself some goals to work towards. Then in twelve months, we both can look back and measure how we went. I hope you're excited to watch 2019 unfold at KCD. Next month, I plan to reveal something new to KCD that is close to my heart. It will inspire you. It will make you feel good. It will make a change greater than you can comprehend.

Until then.


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