Be the Change; Giving Back

Welcome back to our second instalment on the blog.

January and February seemed to pass quickly in my household, a big reason being that my eldest started school. An exciting chapter we are both adapting to and I have to admit, listening to everything she is learning and experiencing is such a highlight to my afternoons.

February was a momentous month for K Coulst Designs. I celebrated four years in business and have officially partnered with the incredible folks over at i=change.

When I came across this movement, explored the projects they give back to and read about the founder: Jeremy Meltzer's story and vision, a chord struck within me. I am a Mother to three girls, who I feel I have been blessed with to instill a strong belief within themselves and their futures. i=change focuses on empowering women and girls and giving them the tools to reach their potential. Not only that but Jeremey wants others to realise women and girls will be the greatest drivers of growth and stability this century.

Which is why every time you choose to shop with K Coulst Designs, we will donate $1 to your choice out of three incredible, life-changing causes:


I am giving you the final choice to which cause you want to donate to. Allowing you to personalize this decision, allows you to have a say where you want to assist change. You are making a difference with me. Together we will help the movement to create, life changing results for women and our beautiful children.

Supporting the National Breast Cancer Foundation is incredibly important to my family and I. My husband and I have one remaining Grandparent left each. Grandmothers. Both whom have battled and beat breast cancer. Both of whom have had to have mastectomies. With three daughters and myself in the house, the chance of one of us being diagnosed is relatively high.  This is why I have chosen to assist research, aiding the cause of the NBCF to have 0 deaths from breast cancer by 2030 and allowing those impacted to lead a better quality of life.

When I became a Mum for the first time in 2013, I truly experienced a love like never before. Unconditional. My whole world changed. I got to experience watching my daughter developing, learning and growing through a fresh pair of eyes. Witnessing the beauty of such simple things we take for granted in life at times. When I fell pregnant with my second child, I often wondered, ‘How am I going to love another little person as much as I do my first?’. It’s true, your love doesn’t halve, it doubles. And then it tripled when my third daughter arrived. My world, in three little ladies, and like most parents we do the best we can for them. Which is why I have chosen to support Child Wise and My Room, foundations focusing on helping children. Helping to create a society where children are free from abuse and supporting children who are suffering from cancer. Supporting their families as they navigate the emotional and physical impacts of childhood cancer.

We all have the power to create change, we can influence change, we can ultimately be the change. If you would like to see the impact and difference K Coulst Designs is making, you can track our impact here.

I want to thank the team at I=change for allowing me to be a part of this incredible movement. I also want to thank Abby of Mama and Estelle who provided her services in creating a t-shirt for me to wear in support of this movement. 'Be the Change' sits very close to my heart. It creates conversations. It creates awareness. I hope it empowers other businesses to join the movement. I hope it leaves a lasting impact on lives that truly need it.


Be the Change

I can't wait to watch the impact KCD customer's will contribute to change.

Until next time


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